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A. L. Hansen is a full service manufacturer. What does this means for our customers? It means product development time is cut in half, lower costs, and increased quality control. At A. L. Hansen we offer a complete line of in-house manufacturing services. Whether you're in need of a complete solution, product redesign, or looking for alternative manufacturing means, A. L. Hansen is as far as you'll need to look.

Centrally located in Waukegan, Illinois, A. L. Hansen offers Product Engineering, Prototyping, Tool & Die, Metal Stamping, Machining, Welding, Assembly, Custom packaging, Warehousing, and Quality Management all inside one facility, Streamlining the manufacturing process.


A. L. Hansen's metal stamping department uses state-of-the-art presses combined with advanced die protection and automation. With more than 30 presses ranging from 27 to 330 tons and the ability to handle a wide variety of materials and thick nesses, our stamping possibilities are virtually endless.

A. L. Hansen recognizes the importance of quality, speed and cost especially in today's competitive global market, Thus, A. L. Hansen continually improves and upgrades its metal stamping processes to keep cost low while manufacturing the highest quality products.

  • 30+ Presses Ranging from 27 to 330 Tons
  • Servo Coil Feeding Systems
  • Single Stroke & Fully Automatic Operation
  • High Speed Metal Stamping
  • Quick Change Tooling
  • In Die sensors & Part Ejection Monitoring
  • Cold Rolled, Spring & Stainless Steels
  • Aluminum, Brass, Copper & Nickel-based
  • Up to  .500" Thicknesses
  • Various widths dependent upon thickness
  • Close tolerance compliance

A. L. Hansen's 3000 sq .ft. machining department offers a wide variety of machining operations. With over 15 manual and automatic drill presses, 7 turning lathes, 5 screw machines, and 10 Mills. A. L. Hansen utilizes both water soluble and oil cooling systems. Which method used is determined upon the specific machining operation and material being machined.

Custom fitted fixtures are used to ensure repeatability, reliability and efficiency during each operation. Whether you're in need of drilling, tapping, staking, or turning A. L. Hansen offers a cost effective solution.

  • 15+ Manual & Automatic Drill Presses
  • 7 Turning Lathes
  • 5 Screw machines
  • 10 Dedicated Mills
  • Custom Fitted Fixtures
  • Drilling & Tapping
  • Milling
  • Stacking & Tog-L-Locking
  • Counter Sinking & Boring
  • Turning & Screw Machining
  • Water Soluble & Oil Cooling Systems

A. L. Hansen has an in-house welding department specializing in production welding allowing us to reduce manufacturing costs by eliminating unnecessary material handling & shipping costs. All of our welders are highly trained and equipped with the finest machines available to meet your welding needs. Every welder is dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction.

A. L. Hansen continues its commitment to continuous improvement with its purchase of Lincoln Electric Company E-Cell Robotic Welding Systems. The eCell welding robot cells are a two-fixed table workstation designed for small to medium sized parts that can be welded without reorientation.

  • Resistance, MIG, TIG & Stud Welding
  • Spot Welders from 75 to 250 KVA
  • Manual & Automatic Wire Welders
  • (4) Lincoln E-Cell Robotic Systems
  • Multiple Stud Welders
  • Custom Fitted Fixtures

A. L. Hansen has dedicated over 5,300 sq .ft. of manufacturing area, to our assembly operations. Our highly trained staff focuses on quality and precision during all aspects of the assembly operations. A. L. Hansen offers a wide variety of assembly operations from custom hand assemblies to mechanical assemblies even component piece parts.

Having our assembly operations located in the same facility allows A. L. Hansen to take a product from conception to finished assembly in less time lowering cost and production time.

  • Custom Hand Assemblies
  • Mechanical Assemblies
  • Manufacturing of SUb Assemblies
  • Tog-L-Lock/Offset/Spinning
  • Component Piece Part
  • Quality Inspection

In order to stay on the cutting edge of wire forming technology, A. L. Hansen looked to the leader in the CNC wire forming industry.    A. L. Hansen in now able to perfectly bend round eye-loops, perform off plane bending, programmable tool configurations and tube forming, the capabilities are endless.

  • Wire Diameter Range 0.197" - 0.500"
  • Wire Feed Resolution 0.000003
  • Max wire Feed Speed 452' f/min
  • Unlimited Rotation of Bending Arm, Turret, Bender and Mandrel Benders
  • Fully Automated

A. L. Hansen has been a major solution provider for the service body, trailer, enclosure, and truck cap industry for over 80 years. At A. L. Hansen we are continually raising the bar for quality and standards. At A. L. Hansen our in house engineering department will offer a solution whether you are in need of simple product redesign or a complete product solution. Using the latest CAD and 3-D modeling programs we will take your ideas from concept to full production.

  • AutoCad
  • AutoDesk Inventor 3d Mechanical Design
  • Solidworks 3D Mechanical Design
  • Stratasys Rapid Prototyping System
  • In-House Design & Manufacturing Engineers
  • Feasibility Review Team
  • Fast-Trak Review & Quoting
  • In-House & Offshore Engineers
  • Cut Product Development Time in Half

At A. L. Hansen we have a complete in-house tool & die shop where every tool manufactured/built/maintained is subject to a rigorous testing process, guaranteed to meet or exceed our customer's requirements. A. L. Hansen continuously invests in the latest equipment and technology to ensure it's customers receive the highest quality products possible making its tool & die department second to none.

Whether its new tooling, a custom fixture, die repair, quick tooling or high volume production tooling our highly experienced and dedicated staff will exceed your expectations and needs.

A. L. Hansen incorporates state-of-the-art die protection and part ejection monitors into the dies and machines it uses. These sensors monitor the performance of the machines and assist the operator in detecting any problems or issues before they arise, Allowing some dies to run completely unattended lowering the manufacturing cost saving our customers money. 

  • Progressive
  • Form
  • Notch
  • Cut-Off
  • Compound
  • Pierce Blank
  • Combination

A. L. Hansen has an extensive network of finishing and plating suppliers. Allowing us to offer virtually any finish required even Government CARC. Continuously researching finishes for its products, A. L. Hansen provides the best in corrosion protection and appearance. Standard finishes include electroplated zinc with clear chromate top coat, e-coating, powder coating, ball burnishing for stainless steel, chrome plating, electro polishing, anodizing for aluminum parts and plastisol coating.

  • Commercial Zinc
  • Zinc Chromate
  • Colored Zinc
  • Chrome Plating
  • Anodizing
  • Plastisol Coating
  • Powder Coating
  • E-Coating
  • Electro Polishing
  • Government CARC
  • Extensive Outsourced Supplier Base

A. L. Hansen has dedicated over 7500 sq .ft. to its custom packaging, shipping & receiving department, offering a wide variety of custom packaging, bar coding, and delivery methods.

A. L. Hansen offers regional shipping via its own truck line covering Southern Wisconsin, Illinois, Southern Michigan and Western Indiana.

All National delivery services are used throughout the country. All products are packaged by trained professional who know what type of packing is correct for your shipment guaranteeing your shipments will arrive safely and on time. .

  • Custom Packaging
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Special Labeling
  • Bar Coding
  • UPS Worldship Integrated
  • Drop Shipping
  • ALH Regional Truck Delivery
  • Use of all National & Worldwide Delivery Services

A. L. Hansen has an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable warehousing staff. All committed to complete customer satisfaction. A. L. Hansen has committed over 15,500 Sq. Ft. to its warehousing department, ensuring on time delivery. Every employee at A. L. Hansen understands the importance of proper inventory management. A. L. Hansen employs and offers J.I.T & Kanban inventory management systems and recognizes that customers, employees and suppliers are all part of one vital network. Working together driven by a single goal we can overcome any obstacle.

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