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Minimum "Factory" Lubricants

A. L. Hansen Mfg. Co. supplies its component assemblies to first stage manufacturers and end users with the minimum amount of lubrication. Our customers have expressed that excess lubricants affects their manufacturing process and final finish coat applications. They want only the amount of lubrication to make the assembly work properly within their system. Additional grease and/or oil applied after final finish stage.

Customer Application Information

In most cases, the final use for an A. L. Hansen Mfg. Co. component assembly is known only to the buyer/end user. Our components are mounted in systems that are used for internal or outdoor applications. These systems are designed for both limited and heavy duty industrial cycling. The final finish may be factory supplied zinc or special e-coat / powder cost paints. All of these use / finish factors influence the amount and type of lubricant to be used.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance (PM) is the scheduled review and care of equipment. The basic assumption behind PM is that moving parts need lubrication. The type, frequency and amount is influenced by the intended application and the life expectancy wanted by the user. Apply quality lubricants the meet the intended application to all components parts before they are put into service. A preventative maintenance schedule is needed to maintain the quality parts and workmanship put into the products from A. L. Hansen Mfg. Co.

Warning: Do Not modify or alter products.

The modification and/or alteration of any component or assembly may cause serious injury or death.

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